Anita Tuneup with 2nd grade students

Second-grade students are embarking on an exciting educational journey with the captivating book, "Peter-O-Meter" authored by the talented Tricia Fuglestad. At the heart of this engaging narrative lies the intriguing tale of Peter, the Programable Empathetic Touch-Sensitive Pad for Emotional Robots. While the primary focus of the book is on enhancing social-emotional learning, it boasts an array of other remarkable features.

One of the highlights of their exploration has been delving into the book's enchanting augmented reality components. With the assistance of the QuiverVision app, the pages spring to life as the vivid illustrations leap off the paper. This immersive experience has left the students spellbound, fostering an environment where learning is truly an adventure.

On Friday, the students embarked on a fascinating journey into the world of electrical circuits. Using everyday materials like aluminum foil, a simple light, and a battery, they brought to life the character Anita Tuneup. The bulletin board outside of the STEAM classroom has become a hub of curiosity, drawing in frequent visitors who are eager to witness the magic of electrical circuits firsthand.

The excitement does not end here. Throughout the year, the students will continue to delve into activities that complement the themes explored in "Peter-O-Meter." This remarkable book offers a plethora of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities that have ignited a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm among the students. The future promises an array of educational adventures as they eagerly embrace these opportunities for learning and growth.