ECN's new Therapy Dog

We would like to welcome the newest member of our staff: Mr. Twister, our therapy dog!

We are excited to bring this opportunity to improve the lives of our students and staff to our school.  Mrs. Mammosser and her daughter, Molly Mammosser, are Twister's handlers.  They went through special training at Cares Inc. to help bring this adorable dog to our school.

Twister's visits will bring numerous benefits including promoting emotional well-being, reducing stress, and fostering a sense of comfort and security. Interactions with a therapy dog can enhance students' social and emotional development, instilling empathy, responsibility, and kindness. The presence of Twister can also improve focus and attention in the classroom, contributing to a more productive learning environment. We're excited to see the positive impact Mr. Twister will have on our school community.

To learn more about Twister, please view the presentation below provided by Mrs. Mammosser.