4th Grade Balloons Over Broadway

In a whirlwind of creativity and innovation, fourth-grade students embarked on an extraordinary cross-categorical learning journey that seamlessly integrated reading, STEAM, and more. Under the guidance of Mrs. Jones,  students delved into the enchanting world of "Balloons Over Broadway" during their reading activities. This captivating story served as the springboard for a series of engaging and educational experiences that transcended traditional subject boundaries.

During our STEAM sessions, students were tasked with the exhilarating challenge of coding Dash robots to navigate a cardboard New York City parade route. With their math and coding skills put to the test, the students meticulously ensured that the robots could traverse the cityscape without causing any architectural mishaps. The project not only honed their critical thinking and collaboration skills but also ignited their passion for problem-solving in a fun and interactive manner.

The students took their creativity to new heights by creating the city out of cardboard boxes, decorating them to resemble various iconic New York City buildings. This hands-on experience allowed them to truly immerse themselves in the project, bringing the city to life in their own unique way.

Adding a touch of whimsy to the project, students unleashed their boundless creativity to design and craft their own balloons, which were then attached to the robots for a spectacular parade. The culmination of their efforts was a parade extravaganza that left everyone in awe, showcasing the students' ingenuity and the power of cross-categorical learning.

This cross-categorical project not only fostered a love for reading and creativity but also emphasized the importance of integrating various subjects to enhance learning experiences. It was a true testament to the collaborative efforts of Mrs. Jones and myself, who guided the students through this remarkable learning adventure.

We are buzzing with excitement over the success of this project, which exemplifies the school's commitment to providing innovative and engaging learning experiences for students. The impact of this cross-categorical journey will undoubtedly resonate with the students for years to come, inspiring them to continue reaching for new heights in their educational endeavors.